Headbands…the solution to a bad hair day, an awesome addition to an outfit, and something to set yourself out from the crowd. I have been sporting these beautiful accessories forever and I really don’t know what I would do without them. Ya it might be a tad dramatic but if you know me at all, headbands are my jam. They are as important to me as my jewelry in any outfit. I have been asked by multiple people to write about the headband style because it is very easy to look silly in them, so here we are! A couple tidbits about how and when to wear all of those cute headbands that you have bought but can’t seem to get right.

First off, no head is created equal. So in turn, not every person can wear any headband. There are so many types to choose from in the world of headbands that everyone can find their headband nitch.

The key is to not put the regular cloth headbands too high on your head. We are not in a private school from Gossip Girl. The higher you put it up your forehead, the nerdier and younger you will look. But, at the same time, don’t cover up your eyebrows and look just as silly. Just put it riiiiight in the middle and it will look perfect. As for the headbands with flowers…make sure the flower is far enough to the side so you do not look like an alien with a third eye or a unicorn!

Another thing to do is have a little bit of a bump in the back of your hair for some volume when you put your headband on (only if you want of course…I have bumped and not bumped, all of which look good). Once your bump size has been established, you can leave your hair down and put the headband on or get real crazy and put in a braid or bun.

IMG_5639 IMG_3211 IMG_3243


Front left to right…

First picture: headband is just your normal black headband. Can be found at any beauty store. I like to get the ones that aren’t so tight so my brain doesn’t feel like its being squeezed 30 minutes into wearing it. This is a great example of doing more to your hair that just wearing it down with a headband. My hair is in a side braid because it was quite hot that day and my long locks were not going to be sitting on my neck all afternoon.

Second picture: This headband was purchased at Francesca’s in Reno.

Third picture: The flower headband was created by yours truly. Got the brown headband at a store like Ulta and super-glued a pretty flower right onto it. The sunglasses in picture one and three are RayBans.

(please disregard the selfie…it can be the best way to capture a correct headband application!)

Headbands can be super casual or a little bit more fancy, it all depends on what you pair it with and how you do your hair under it. After a day at Lake Tahoe, a headband is perfect because it makes your beach hair look at least presentable to the human race. They also look fantastic with a summer dress going to a bbq or even a rehearsal dinner, which it did recently.

IMG_3041 IMG_3044 IMG_3050


This is one of my favorite headbands because it has beading and embroidery on it! It is from Anthropologie! The coral dress is from JcPenny and the tan wedges are from DSW and are made by “G by Guess”.

Another fun way to wear headbands is to a themed party. The 20s are known for flapper dress and blinded out headbands so in turn it is one of my favorite things to dress up as…that and a gypsy…no surprise there!

IMG_6099 DSC_0507


The first headband is just a blue piece of cloth I found and the gold gypsy 3-piece jewelry on the top of it is from World Market. The Gatsby headband is from a vintage shop in California but can be found just about anywhere.

The final type of headband that I love wearing is a scarf that I tie into a stylish bandana. These are the best for when you don’t want your head to be too exposed to sunshine…and it’s the ultimate coverup for a bad hair day. IMG_1039 IMG_3182

Both of these headbands are vintage from my favorite store…my mom’s closet! This is easily done by folding the scarf into a triangle and tying the two longest points in a knot in the back of your head.


Have such a chic week, loves! I promise, the posts will start coming more regularly now that I am out of wedding season! A shout out and congrats to Mr. & Mrs. DeWald! Love you guys!

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