The Power of the Pout

I would like to take a moment to thank the Sumerians for taking the time to use henna and even seaweed as the creation of lipstick. Even though it was a long time ago, this invention changed the way we thought about our confidence and just how easy it was to boost it. However, lipstick wasn’t always seen as a confidence building and vivacious product. Hundreds of years after it was invented, Parliament banned lipstick because they thought it was a sign of witchcraft! Who knew that something so small would suddenly make you a potion-making, spell-casting, crazy lady!

That law clearly didn’t last long as Queen Elizabeth I, Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake, and Marilyn Monroe sported lipstick over the years. All of these women have one main thing in common; they all embody the vision of feminine power. I don’t know about you guys but feminine power feels good. Even if just for a moment, the feeling that I can take on the world fills my body with such empowerment. So why not have something that is so little but has such an effect on us?

Recently I wasn’t having the best day. I was trying and trying to turn it around but usually when it rains, it pours in my life. I was meeting a good friend for a margarita because of said day and in my haste threw on some super bright purple lipstick. I knew that it wouldn’t change my life forever but it made me feel pretty and brightened my mood even if momentarily.

I primarily use MAC lipstick because of their recycle rule at the store (bring in 5 empty makeup containers, get a free lipstick or eyeshadow…I know, SCORE!) but, I have also found a hidden gem at your local drug store. They are called Revlon Color Burst. They are these little chubby sticks and boy are they fantastic. Plus, they are full of color and easy to apply! They come in Matte Balm as well as a Balm Stain. They are about $7.00 a pop so you’re getting some awesome color at a low price.



So, my beautiful readers, if you are ever feeling down, always remember that you have that little pick-me-up in your purse. We all deserve to feel that little gleam of sunshine in every day.



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