Gratitude Tidbits, Jar Style!

Life is hard. As much as we would all like to think that we always think about the positive, negativity sometimes bares its horrible self and bogs us down so much that we don’t know how to get out of it. I have suffered from this myself however happy I am most of the time.

From the crazy drivers that I come across on a daily basis to the angry account manager that happened to not get everything they needed in their order. The crazy driver could be having a day and you just happen to be the person in the way of the fact that they slept thru their alarm. The manager might just be taking something personal that has happened to them out on you.

Everyone is in their own battle but it’s so hard to not think that you are not the issue when you get the brunt of it. I have searched and searched for ways to help with this and I have come to a simple fact; life is going to be filled with the good and the bad, however, it’s what you put the most energy into that will prevail.

Deep breathes. Deeeeeeeep breathes, my friends. I never realized how short my breathes get when I am stressed or angry. Just sit back and think, is this worth all of this negative energy that will surge thru your body?

Something that could also help you at the end of a hard day or a hard week is taking the time to think about the good things that happened to you or your loved ones no matter how big or small.

A way that has proven to be effective in my life is creating a gratitude jar! It’s a simple way to remember the good things throughout the year and reading all of them at the end of the year is the most amazing feeling. Memories you may have forgotten are glorified again in your mind. It’s a beautiful thing!

All I use is a mason jar (may need to be changed out to a bigger size depending on the amount of gratitudes you write), pieces of paper and a pen! Whether it’s everyday or once a week or even when you find a moment to do it, write down each gratitude on pieces of paper and put them in the jar.

At the end of the year, grab a glass of champagne and enjoy all of the beautiful things that happened throughout the year. I write about everything from promotions that friends and family receive to the beauty that God has put on this wonderful earth. I write positive things about myself as well because sometimes we all need to remember how amazing we are and how hard we are trying to get this life thing right.



This is the second year that I have done this little jar trick and I look forward to reading all of the little pieces of love at the end!

Have a wonderfully chic week, lovelies….and apologies for the time between my posts. I will get better, promise!


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  1. Kylee says:

    very wise Ali. Love it. Once again you have amazed me.

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