The leaves are a changin’!

Let’s take a minute to address one of the most calming feelings in nature. You are sitting in your back yard in a big, cozy sweater with a soft blanket draped over your legs as you watch the sun set on one of the last days of summer. Days are getting shorter. You can see your breathe. You crave hot cider (possibly with a splash of rum in it..) and getting truly into the season that is known for its warmth. From the warm colors to the literal warmth of the fire that we now get to turn on while watching a scary movie in our living rooms.
As all of this happens we are forced to say goodbye to our summer dresses and hauling our sweaters out of storage. For me, doing this is like reuniting with old friends. Friends that remind me of football games and getting close to the ones you love to stay warm.
This season, although they haven’t really gone away regardless of the weather, leggings will now be worn a little bit more appropriately under a long sweater…yet, who am I kidding, those boundaries will continue to be pushed. I don’t know about you but a cold, almost-bare booty is nothing I would like to experience!
As of yesterday night while watching the premiere of American Horror Story (oh so good!) I was able to deck my apartment to the nines in spooky halloween decorations. That holiday gives me just another reason to love the feeling of this season. Because Reno weather is still in late summer mode, I figured decorating would help my mind with the transition.
When styling this season I never like to leave any colors out of the running. Yummy fall colors are a given but wearing a magenta blazer always keeps things interesting and keeps all of your options open when it comes to your closet. Just because it isn’t ‘a fall color’ doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a fair shot to be rocked in these late months. Plus, bright colors make people happy and happy is oh so good!!
Some things that I have seen to be ‘in style’ this season are flat military boots that have been around for the past couple of seasons. That is nice on our wallets, that is for sure, but they are quite cute with a more feminine outfit for some balance. Something else that will always be in style in my book are my scarves. With the transitional weather right now, a lighter outfit along with a scarf for later on in the night when it gets chilly will do just the trick for this hot at times, cold at times season.
Another big part of living a chic life is health and the food that goes along with it. I love cooking and comfort food is one of the most amazing creations on this b-e-a-utiful earth! Just think about it. Warm soup filling your body with warmth and happiness as you take the first bite. My mom has taught me the art of some of her soups so when I succeed at making one of those without burning it or putting too much salt in it, that makes me smile. I’m sure everyone has that token favorite that their sweet mama made for them when they were young so when we have it again, it transports us to a memory that can’t be replaced.
So my beauties, put on your favorite sweater and leggings and attempt to make something yummy. It’s worth it.

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