Resolution Recharge…part one!

We all do it. The new year comes around and we vow to change some part of our lives to help become a better person….then the beginning of April comes around and these things have gone to the wayside. Life got too busy to go to the gym or the road rage came out in mass force on that Friday commute. It’s getting right to the time that they start to slack just a tad.

How about we amp our lives back up by remembering why we made these promises for change in the first place! It is always really hard for me to keep my resolutions and keep my mind active in their progress. They all seem to stay the same though! We all want to try to be better people, to ourselves and to others. In my quest to really keep to these resolutions of mine I came across an awesome article on MindBodyGreen. It listed things that we all should be telling ourselves on the regular.

They really spoke to me because too many times I resort to something negative rather than thinking things through. Let’s take a look and I know that not all of these will relate to you, but others could make you think, ‘Dang, I do that!’

Let go of thinking you aren’t where you’re supposed to be. 

We all have been taught in society that we are supposed to be doing something at certain ages in our lives. Graduate from high school. Go to college. Graduate college. Get married. Babies… you know the deal. But what if things get a little bit behind or don’t go exactly in that order? We need to stop beating ourselves up for being where we want to be. Each of our journeys are beautiful and right where they are supposed to be! So celebrate that and do the best you can!

Release all thought patterns holding you back.

That little negative Nancy that keeps you from doing things! She is a pain in the bootay and sometimes very chatty in my mind. I have had to actively tell her to shuuuuut her mouth from time to time. That way when something new or an obstacle comes along, I know that there isn’t anything holding me from moving forward in full force.

Release the idea that your challenges are long-term.

The sun will always show its sweet and shiny self! And as hard as it is to think that whatever challenge you are facing will never subside, have hope!

Let go of the need to have it all figured out!!

I don’t know about you guys but this one is tough for me. For so long I had everything planned out for me. Finish high school, go to college, graduate from college, get a job….now what?

I want to think that I have things figured out but let’s be honestly, that’s not the case a lot of the time. But I have become ok with that! It makes like a heck of a lot more interesting, that’s for sure!

Let go of the idea that things aren’t working out for you.

It is really easy to get into a funk with your own life. Thinking that things just aren’t how they are supposed to be and that because things might be in a slump right now, that they will be like that forever. I always need to remind myself that although something might not work out in my life, that doesn’t mean that my life as a whole isn’t going to work. There are always reasons as to why things don’t work. We have to have faith that God always has our best interest at heart. Something that seemed to be so good at one time could turn out to not be your journey. It really takes taking a deep breathe and knowing that you are right where you are supposed to be and it will work out in one way or another.

This is only part one for this resolution recharge! I hope everyone enjoyed and took a little bit from it for your own lives. Look out for part two next week!

Have an oh so chic week, loves!!

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