The Ali Way to a Healthy, Glowing Face

With the weather changing daily on our way to springtime, being good to your face is just as vital to a chic life as your own sense of style. It has taken a lot of patience over the years to really get ahold of what my face truly needs every day. I have suffered from acne, eczema, and allergy issues for most of my teenage and adult life. Not only can all of those things be incredibly annoying, but they can really take a tole on a girl’s confidence.

I have come to realize after trying so many different things that can be bought at a drug store that the more natural the product, the better. Living in the oh so dry climate that I am in, moisturizing is key for my skin. Here are a couple tips for what I do on a daily basis.


-Washing your face in the morning dries it out too much so I start by putting Alcohol-Free Lavender Witch Hazel on my face and neck with a cotton square. It is a lot like a toner in that it evens out the ph balance of your skin. It can be found at many drug stores as well as Whole Foods and it isn’t expensive, so that’s a plus.

-Once the witch hazel dries I apply Epiduo (prescribed by my dermatologist, Dr. Casse).
-Then I apply Tea Tree and Vitamin E Antiseptic Creme. Tea tree is a natural anti-bacterial that helps with acne as well as anything else that may be irritating the face. Vitamin E helps protect the fatty acids, fights free radicals, and hydrates the skin. The lotion is made by Derma-E but is carried by many CVS stores as well as Whole Foods.

-I use a homemade mix of unrefined coconut oil, tea tree and e oil, lavender oil, and lemon oil for stop treatment. Here are some links to get the products as well as my own recipe. It helps my acne and unlike many spot acne products, this concoction hydrates my skin!

The Ali Way Coconut Whip

1/2 cup unrefined organic coconut oil— You can find this in the cooking oil aisle. Many stores have started to put it in the organic beauty aisle as well! I got mine at my local Raley’s grocery store

1/2 teaspoon tea tree and e oil— The type I use is also by Derma-E and can be found at Whole Foods.

2-4 drops lavender essential oil— Super easy to find. Most grocery stores in the organic beauty section, vitamin stores, or health food stores.

2-4 drops lemon essential oil— Any vitamin store or health food store has this.

Whip it all together and use as much as you want! The great this about it is none of it is bad for you so you can apply it anytime.

-Another thing I swear by is putting on sunscreen every single morning. Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen evens out your color while giving you protection from the sun. It is great just on its own as well as along with foundation. The tinted moisturizer I use is by Aveeno. It is available in many drug stores. It’s called Positively Radiant and it works like a charm!

-Women should start using some kind of eye cream around age 24 because the aging process starts then! GASP! In the morning I use MAC’s Fast Response Eye Cream. It has caffeine to de-puff and make your eyes look rejuvenated!


– I take by makeup off with Aveeno Positively Radiant Wipes. They are gentle on my face and smell really good.

-My wonderful best friend, Caitlin, makes an oil mixture that we both have come to the conclusion is a miracle mix! It has castor oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and almond oil in it. I splash warm water over my face and massage the oil mix all over my face and neck for about 3 minutes. Then I take a hot wash cloth and put it over my face to let it steam the oil into my skin. I pat the excess oil off and let my face dry entirely.

– I use the same witch hazel as I do in the morning and then apply the Coconut Whip all over my face.

– After the Whip is mostly absorbed, I apply Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base. It is rich but not greasy and keeps my face moisturized all night.

-Lastly, I use another Bobbi Brown product under my eyes. It is called Hydrating Eye Cream. Although Bobbi Brown products are a little bit more expensive than everything else I use, the tubs last forever if they aren’t over-used.


All of these tricks have been working for me and make my face and neck feel and look amazing! Use what you may and see what works for you! That’s the trick.

Have a wonderfully chic week, love bugs!


–Color and cut by Hannah Carlson at Salon Platinum in Reno!–


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  1. balancingzen says:

    This is a great post Ali, so many awesome tips that I plan on trying! Love it! 🙂 -Brittni W.

    1. The Ali Hull says:

      Thanks lovely! I’m so glad it helps! I have the recipe for the oil if you want it! Hope all is well. Your son is the cutest little man. Xo.

  2. Nova Youngbloo says:


    1. The Ali Hull says:

      I will get the recipe together and get it out to you! Thanks for reading!

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