Resolution Recharge…part one!

We all do it. The new year comes around and we vow to change some part of our lives to help become a better person….then the beginning of April comes around and these things have gone to the wayside. Life got too busy to go to the gym or the road rage came out in mass force on that Friday commute. It’s getting right to the time that they start to slack just a tad.

How about we amp our lives back up by remembering why we made these promises for change in the first place! It is always really hard for me to keep my resolutions and keep my mind active in their progress. They all seem to stay the same though! We all want to try to be better people, to ourselves and to others. In my quest to really keep to these resolutions of mine I came across an awesome article on MindBodyGreen. It listed things that we all should be telling ourselves on the regular.

They really spoke to me because too many times I resort to something negative rather than thinking things through. Let’s take a look and I know that not all of these will relate to you, but others could make you think, ‘Dang, I do that!’

Let go of thinking you aren’t where you’re supposed to be. 

We all have been taught in society that we are supposed to be doing something at certain ages in our lives. Graduate from high school. Go to college. Graduate college. Get married. Babies… you know the deal. But what if things get a little bit behind or don’t go exactly in that order? We need to stop beating ourselves up for being where we want to be. Each of our journeys are beautiful and right where they are supposed to be! So celebrate that and do the best you can!

Release all thought patterns holding you back.

That little negative Nancy that keeps you from doing things! She is a pain in the bootay and sometimes very chatty in my mind. I have had to actively tell her to shuuuuut her mouth from time to time. That way when something new or an obstacle comes along, I know that there isn’t anything holding me from moving forward in full force.

Release the idea that your challenges are long-term.

The sun will always show its sweet and shiny self! And as hard as it is to think that whatever challenge you are facing will never subside, have hope!

Let go of the need to have it all figured out!!

I don’t know about you guys but this one is tough for me. For so long I had everything planned out for me. Finish high school, go to college, graduate from college, get a job….now what?

I want to think that I have things figured out but let’s be honestly, that’s not the case a lot of the time. But I have become ok with that! It makes like a heck of a lot more interesting, that’s for sure!

Let go of the idea that things aren’t working out for you.

It is really easy to get into a funk with your own life. Thinking that things just aren’t how they are supposed to be and that because things might be in a slump right now, that they will be like that forever. I always need to remind myself that although something might not work out in my life, that doesn’t mean that my life as a whole isn’t going to work. There are always reasons as to why things don’t work. We have to have faith that God always has our best interest at heart. Something that seemed to be so good at one time could turn out to not be your journey. It really takes taking a deep breathe and knowing that you are right where you are supposed to be and it will work out in one way or another.

This is only part one for this resolution recharge! I hope everyone enjoyed and took a little bit from it for your own lives. Look out for part two next week!

Have an oh so chic week, loves!!


Gratitude Tidbits, Jar Style!

Life is hard. As much as we would all like to think that we always think about the positive, negativity sometimes bares its horrible self and bogs us down so much that we don’t know how to get out of it. I have suffered from this myself however happy I am most of the time.

From the crazy drivers that I come across on a daily basis to the angry account manager that happened to not get everything they needed in their order. The crazy driver could be having a day and you just happen to be the person in the way of the fact that they slept thru their alarm. The manager might just be taking something personal that has happened to them out on you.

Everyone is in their own battle but it’s so hard to not think that you are not the issue when you get the brunt of it. I have searched and searched for ways to help with this and I have come to a simple fact; life is going to be filled with the good and the bad, however, it’s what you put the most energy into that will prevail.

Deep breathes. Deeeeeeeep breathes, my friends. I never realized how short my breathes get when I am stressed or angry. Just sit back and think, is this worth all of this negative energy that will surge thru your body?

Something that could also help you at the end of a hard day or a hard week is taking the time to think about the good things that happened to you or your loved ones no matter how big or small.

A way that has proven to be effective in my life is creating a gratitude jar! It’s a simple way to remember the good things throughout the year and reading all of them at the end of the year is the most amazing feeling. Memories you may have forgotten are glorified again in your mind. It’s a beautiful thing!

All I use is a mason jar (may need to be changed out to a bigger size depending on the amount of gratitudes you write), pieces of paper and a pen! Whether it’s everyday or once a week or even when you find a moment to do it, write down each gratitude on pieces of paper and put them in the jar.

At the end of the year, grab a glass of champagne and enjoy all of the beautiful things that happened throughout the year. I write about everything from promotions that friends and family receive to the beauty that God has put on this wonderful earth. I write positive things about myself as well because sometimes we all need to remember how amazing we are and how hard we are trying to get this life thing right.



This is the second year that I have done this little jar trick and I look forward to reading all of the little pieces of love at the end!

Have a wonderfully chic week, lovelies….and apologies for the time between my posts. I will get better, promise!


The Power of the Pout

I would like to take a moment to thank the Sumerians for taking the time to use henna and even seaweed as the creation of lipstick. Even though it was a long time ago, this invention changed the way we thought about our confidence and just how easy it was to boost it. However, lipstick wasn’t always seen as a confidence building and vivacious product. Hundreds of years after it was invented, Parliament banned lipstick because they thought it was a sign of witchcraft! Who knew that something so small would suddenly make you a potion-making, spell-casting, crazy lady!

That law clearly didn’t last long as Queen Elizabeth I, Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake, and Marilyn Monroe sported lipstick over the years. All of these women have one main thing in common; they all embody the vision of feminine power. I don’t know about you guys but feminine power feels good. Even if just for a moment, the feeling that I can take on the world fills my body with such empowerment. So why not have something that is so little but has such an effect on us?

Recently I wasn’t having the best day. I was trying and trying to turn it around but usually when it rains, it pours in my life. I was meeting a good friend for a margarita because of said day and in my haste threw on some super bright purple lipstick. I knew that it wouldn’t change my life forever but it made me feel pretty and brightened my mood even if momentarily.

I primarily use MAC lipstick because of their recycle rule at the store (bring in 5 empty makeup containers, get a free lipstick or eyeshadow…I know, SCORE!) but, I have also found a hidden gem at your local drug store. They are called Revlon Color Burst. They are these little chubby sticks and boy are they fantastic. Plus, they are full of color and easy to apply! They come in Matte Balm as well as a Balm Stain. They are about $7.00 a pop so you’re getting some awesome color at a low price.



So, my beautiful readers, if you are ever feeling down, always remember that you have that little pick-me-up in your purse. We all deserve to feel that little gleam of sunshine in every day.



Dia De Los Muertos!!

One of my most favorite holidays is today and I couldn’t be more excited! I have been busy decorating and getting all of my costumes together. Truly original costumes involves putting a lot of who you are into the costume. You can be exactly the character or you can add personal touches that are out of the box but people still know who or what you are! Here are some tips to do just that.

~The first thing you need to do is to figure out what you want to be! If it’s themed, try to think of something that not many will dress up as. For instance, last week in Reno was Fantasies In Chocolate at GSR. The theme was villains. Of course there were lots of Maleficent and Joker costumes (very popular) but there was one Bonnie and Clyde and only a few Cruella de Ville (whom I was!). To me, those are popular enough that everyone understands who you are when also putting some thought into originality.

~Next is to pick out a couple things that make that character unique. For Cruella it is her extravagant black and white hair as well as fur jacket and red gloves.

~Then I added my own personal touches. I wore a black jumpsuit because it fit the part, and let’s be honest, I really just wanted to wear it because it’s an awesome piece of clothing! I also wore some spankin’ red heels that I borrowed from a friend. Cruella may not have worn these things but people knew exactly who I was.

My makeup was done at MAC in the Summit Mall by my best, Amaya. You can always make an appointment for whatever event you are going to and the payment is $50 of product which isn’t hard to spend there!


My hair was sprayed to an inch of its life with black and white temporary hair color after I had finished coloring it. Holy cow did it take forever to get out, but, it was so worth it!


And here is the finished costume as well as photos of the fabulous event!


IMG_4037 …all made out of chocolate!

IMG_4036…because Fantasies in Chocolate wouldn’t be complete without MORE CHOCOLATE!



Because I love this holiday so much, one costume is really never enough so here is what I thought would be awesome to wear while playing kickball. All thanks to my boss’ original idea, Corona and Corona Light was the winner!


We used inflatable Corona and Corona Light bottles for the prime part of the costume, suspenders to hold it up, the top of the bottle as the hat, made a lime out of construction paper…and BAM! Corona and Corona Light. Can’t forget those fancy mustaches as well!

Becoming someone else for the night is exciting. Super glamorous or spooky makeup is almost like a mask from who you usually are…and let’s be honest, real masks are freaky!

Change in our ever stressful lives is a good thing and dressing up could be just your ticket to pressing the imaginary reset button. Originality makes you exactly who you are inside and out. It is such a good feeling to know that no one else will every be exactly like you. That is something to cherish!

Have a Chic Halloween, My Loves!

IMG_4109..Can’t forget some punkins!


The leaves are a changin’!

Let’s take a minute to address one of the most calming feelings in nature. You are sitting in your back yard in a big, cozy sweater with a soft blanket draped over your legs as you watch the sun set on one of the last days of summer. Days are getting shorter. You can see your breathe. You crave hot cider (possibly with a splash of rum in it..) and getting truly into the season that is known for its warmth. From the warm colors to the literal warmth of the fire that we now get to turn on while watching a scary movie in our living rooms.
As all of this happens we are forced to say goodbye to our summer dresses and hauling our sweaters out of storage. For me, doing this is like reuniting with old friends. Friends that remind me of football games and getting close to the ones you love to stay warm.
This season, although they haven’t really gone away regardless of the weather, leggings will now be worn a little bit more appropriately under a long sweater…yet, who am I kidding, those boundaries will continue to be pushed. I don’t know about you but a cold, almost-bare booty is nothing I would like to experience!
As of yesterday night while watching the premiere of American Horror Story (oh so good!) I was able to deck my apartment to the nines in spooky halloween decorations. That holiday gives me just another reason to love the feeling of this season. Because Reno weather is still in late summer mode, I figured decorating would help my mind with the transition.
When styling this season I never like to leave any colors out of the running. Yummy fall colors are a given but wearing a magenta blazer always keeps things interesting and keeps all of your options open when it comes to your closet. Just because it isn’t ‘a fall color’ doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a fair shot to be rocked in these late months. Plus, bright colors make people happy and happy is oh so good!!
Some things that I have seen to be ‘in style’ this season are flat military boots that have been around for the past couple of seasons. That is nice on our wallets, that is for sure, but they are quite cute with a more feminine outfit for some balance. Something else that will always be in style in my book are my scarves. With the transitional weather right now, a lighter outfit along with a scarf for later on in the night when it gets chilly will do just the trick for this hot at times, cold at times season.
Another big part of living a chic life is health and the food that goes along with it. I love cooking and comfort food is one of the most amazing creations on this b-e-a-utiful earth! Just think about it. Warm soup filling your body with warmth and happiness as you take the first bite. My mom has taught me the art of some of her soups so when I succeed at making one of those without burning it or putting too much salt in it, that makes me smile. I’m sure everyone has that token favorite that their sweet mama made for them when they were young so when we have it again, it transports us to a memory that can’t be replaced.
So my beauties, put on your favorite sweater and leggings and attempt to make something yummy. It’s worth it.

The Ever Changing World of Men’s Tennis Shoes!

I was asked by my brother to go shopping with him for some new shoes. Regardless of the fact that I was going to be looking at a bunch of shoes for boys, I don’t know a single girl that will say no to shoe shopping! So off we went to every single sneaker shop in Meadow Wood mall in search of a winning pair. I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I truly had no idea that there were THAT MANY options.

Oh there were…sooooo many shoes. Different colors, different shapes. Some good looking, some awful! As I perused I noticed the looks of angst on every single male’s face contemplating their purchase. It was so interesting to me that these are the same men that sigh and roll their eyes every time we ask them to come with us to make a purchase or waltz in the door with another pair of shoes! Come on guys, we all know that deep down you love shopping…but only for yourself! Although that it nowhere near a bad thing, it’s about time you guys admit it!


As I talked to one of the guys working at the store he said that the shoes style transitions almost too often to keep up. The world of men’s shoes is a fast pace and ‘what’s in fashion’ type as the latest heel fashion. It’s safe to say that all of it is complicated and as the guy said, hard to keep up on. However, it is definitely something to be celebrated because without this constant change, there is stagnancy and ain’t nobody got time for that! Change in this ever evolving world is chic, my lovely friends! Now go help your guys pick out the right shoes 😉



Have a chic week!!

The Best Season. Wedding Season.

No matter what people say about weddings, no one can disagree with a good party. Wedding season, usually lasting from May until September, is filled with such parties. The bar is flowing. The food is usually good, but if not, there’s the table wine. People are dancing. Nothing but good times had by all. Now, I love all of that plus the lovely couple that have brought us all together, but I would have to say that one of my favorite things is dressing up for the festivities. There are a couple of etiquette rules to getting dressed for a wedding, but for the most part it’s what makes you feel sassy and happy. This season I was all about maxi dresses or shorter, fun, chiffon dresses with some kickin’ shoes.

Here are a couple tips when searching through your closet drawing a blank as to what you should wear.

1. Never, ever, EVER wear a white dress to a wedding, or to any wedding festivity for that matter (bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc.). There are oh so many more colors that you can choose from to wear, just don’t wear the one color that the bride has the right to own for her time.

2. Wear something that you can dance in. You don’t want to be the only one that can’t dance because your dress is too short or your skirt is uncomfortable. And while I’m on the dancing topic, make sure your outfit looks good with amazing heels you are wearing as well as a pair of flats when your feet start screaming at you more than the song ‘Shout’!!

3. If you are bringing a date, matching them is something fun to do. That is more of a traditional rule but I feel like it should apply today because so many traditional rules are being kicked to the wayside now-a-days. Now, I’m not saying creepy matchy matchy like a mother putting her twins in the same outfit. Pick a dress and the most prominent color in the dress should be the color of their tie.

The only one of these rules that is not in any way shape or form avoidable is obviously the first. Other than that, find a cute and fun dress that you feel awesome in and just go with it. Confidence in any social situation is key. So if you don’t feel comfortable or confident in your outfit, you sure as hell won’t seem confident with much else! 

As for accessories…it’s really all up to how flashy you want it. Being a gypsy at heart, bigger is better. Statement necklaces with more of a simple dress will turn heads. 

Here are a couple of outfits that I have worn in the past!







Always remember to have fun with it. Not every cute dress is going to be found at an expensive store either! Many of my cutest outfits have come from Tj Maxx, H&M and JcPenny! So look around and have an open mind!


Have an oh-so chic week, loves!


Headbands…the solution to a bad hair day, an awesome addition to an outfit, and something to set yourself out from the crowd. I have been sporting these beautiful accessories forever and I really don’t know what I would do without them. Ya it might be a tad dramatic but if you know me at all, headbands are my jam. They are as important to me as my jewelry in any outfit. I have been asked by multiple people to write about the headband style because it is very easy to look silly in them, so here we are! A couple tidbits about how and when to wear all of those cute headbands that you have bought but can’t seem to get right.

First off, no head is created equal. So in turn, not every person can wear any headband. There are so many types to choose from in the world of headbands that everyone can find their headband nitch.

The key is to not put the regular cloth headbands too high on your head. We are not in a private school from Gossip Girl. The higher you put it up your forehead, the nerdier and younger you will look. But, at the same time, don’t cover up your eyebrows and look just as silly. Just put it riiiiight in the middle and it will look perfect. As for the headbands with flowers…make sure the flower is far enough to the side so you do not look like an alien with a third eye or a unicorn!

Another thing to do is have a little bit of a bump in the back of your hair for some volume when you put your headband on (only if you want of course…I have bumped and not bumped, all of which look good). Once your bump size has been established, you can leave your hair down and put the headband on or get real crazy and put in a braid or bun.

IMG_5639 IMG_3211 IMG_3243


Front left to right…

First picture: headband is just your normal black headband. Can be found at any beauty store. I like to get the ones that aren’t so tight so my brain doesn’t feel like its being squeezed 30 minutes into wearing it. This is a great example of doing more to your hair that just wearing it down with a headband. My hair is in a side braid because it was quite hot that day and my long locks were not going to be sitting on my neck all afternoon.

Second picture: This headband was purchased at Francesca’s in Reno.

Third picture: The flower headband was created by yours truly. Got the brown headband at a store like Ulta and super-glued a pretty flower right onto it. The sunglasses in picture one and three are RayBans.

(please disregard the selfie…it can be the best way to capture a correct headband application!)

Headbands can be super casual or a little bit more fancy, it all depends on what you pair it with and how you do your hair under it. After a day at Lake Tahoe, a headband is perfect because it makes your beach hair look at least presentable to the human race. They also look fantastic with a summer dress going to a bbq or even a rehearsal dinner, which it did recently.

IMG_3041 IMG_3044 IMG_3050


This is one of my favorite headbands because it has beading and embroidery on it! It is from Anthropologie! The coral dress is from JcPenny and the tan wedges are from DSW and are made by “G by Guess”.

Another fun way to wear headbands is to a themed party. The 20s are known for flapper dress and blinded out headbands so in turn it is one of my favorite things to dress up as…that and a gypsy…no surprise there!

IMG_6099 DSC_0507


The first headband is just a blue piece of cloth I found and the gold gypsy 3-piece jewelry on the top of it is from World Market. The Gatsby headband is from a vintage shop in California but can be found just about anywhere.

The final type of headband that I love wearing is a scarf that I tie into a stylish bandana. These are the best for when you don’t want your head to be too exposed to sunshine…and it’s the ultimate coverup for a bad hair day. IMG_1039 IMG_3182

Both of these headbands are vintage from my favorite store…my mom’s closet! This is easily done by folding the scarf into a triangle and tying the two longest points in a knot in the back of your head.


Have such a chic week, loves! I promise, the posts will start coming more regularly now that I am out of wedding season! A shout out and congrats to Mr. & Mrs. DeWald! Love you guys!

Rompers and Jumpsuits!

Why wear two pieces when you can wear one?! And I love dresses but sometimes it’s nice to have a spicy change to your wardrobe. The trick to these buggers is finding one that fits your body though. Me being a shorter girl, the crotch is either too long and/or they make me look frumpy. It took me a while but I have finally found a couple rompers and a jumpsuit.

My favorite jumpsuit came from Banana Republic (similar). It comes in regular sizing and petite so they fit most body types and are actually flattering. It has been far too often that I have seen a jumpsuit being worn that should never…ever be on a body. No one in their right mind would look good in it but because it’s a style that’s coming back, many don’t take their time to pick out the perfect one for their body! The key is for the waist to fit pretty darn well as well as the shoulders. Everything else is supposed to be loosely fitted…and that’s it!

BR Monogram Belted Jumpsuit - Black

BCBG Generation (similar) has some great long sleeve rompers that can be worn to any occastion. They are really comfortable and stylish so it’s the best of both worlds.


The tank top romper that I have found is from the oh-so-wonderful H&M. It fits in all of the right places and it’s sassy.



I think my favorite part about rompers and jumpers is the same as why I love skorts….all who know me are very aware of the fact that I try to be ladylike but sometimes my tomboy tendencies come out in full force. It is super nice to be about to go about whatever I am doing and not have to worry about mooning anyone!

For example, I helped my mom with a wedding that she coordinated over the weekend. We ran around like chickens all day long and when it came time to help with the ceremony, I went home and changed into a fun and flirty summer dress…forgetting it was very windy that day. The minute I was walking up to the church, my dress went sky-high! I grabbed at it as fast as I could but the damage had already been done! Thankfully we had time between the ceremony and the reception so I sped home and changed into my H&M romper and paired it with some comfortable sandals and bold jewels. It was a lifesaver! Not only for me but for all of those poor souls that witnessed my mooning outside of the Catholic church!

Might be TMI but that’s the best thing about ‘The Ali Way’! You’ll get nothing but the raw truth!

For everyone that really wants to buy a romper or jumpsuit, (I know it’s all of your…right, right?!) Polyvore is the perfect place to get a bunch of options to hone in on what you really like and want to add to your wardrobe! You can search for anything and it will give you all sorts of options from many different sites! It’s the best, really.

Have a chic week, loves!



Find Your Signatures

Life is filled with options and mountains of stuff (really hate that word but it’s fitting) that finding certain things make you feel comfortable or make you feel truly like yourself, is to be treasured. Whether it may be a memorable piece of jewelry or a perfume that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, it all makes you feel like the real person you are. They make you feel warm and fuzzy when the memory of how you acquired it floods your mind. The best thing about signatures in our lives is that we can have as many or as little as we want. It all just depends. For me, I have certain pieces of jewelry that I wear everyday. I feel naked without them and have stories about each and every piece.

For instance, I got my Tiffany’s bangle bracelet when I was in the 6th grade. It was from the New York location and my mom surprised me with it when she came home from a work trip. I have warn it every single day since then. I have had to get it fixed 3 times but it is worth it to me because it has somehow become a part of me.

Some signatures you don’t realize you have until someone says something about it. When I was younger, and still now, I wore Clinique Happy, the perfume. I loved it but didn’t think that anyone really noticed. I just figured it was something to make me happy. Years later, a close friend told me that to that day, wherever she smelled that perfume, she automatically thought of me. It was wonderful to hear. The littlest of things can create such a memory of a person.

So, think about those things that would make you feel naked without them and why they have such an impact on your life. It’s such a great thing to remember and smile about. It feels darn good!

Have a chic and happy week, my loves.