Rompers and Jumpsuits!

Why wear two pieces when you can wear one?! And I love dresses but sometimes it’s nice to have a spicy change to your wardrobe. The trick to these buggers is finding one that fits your body though. Me being a shorter girl, the crotch is either too long and/or they make me look frumpy. It took me a while but I have finally found a couple rompers and a jumpsuit.

My favorite jumpsuit came from Banana Republic (similar). It comes in regular sizing and petite so they fit most body types and are actually flattering. It has been far too often that I have seen a jumpsuit being worn that should never…ever be on a body. No one in their right mind would look good in it but because it’s a style that’s coming back, many don’t take their time to pick out the perfect one for their body! The key is for the waist to fit pretty darn well as well as the shoulders. Everything else is supposed to be loosely fitted…and that’s it!

BR Monogram Belted Jumpsuit - Black

BCBG Generation (similar) has some great long sleeve rompers that can be worn to any occastion. They are really comfortable and stylish so it’s the best of both worlds.


The tank top romper that I have found is from the oh-so-wonderful H&M. It fits in all of the right places and it’s sassy.



I think my favorite part about rompers and jumpers is the same as why I love skorts….all who know me are very aware of the fact that I try to be ladylike but sometimes my tomboy tendencies come out in full force. It is super nice to be about to go about whatever I am doing and not have to worry about mooning anyone!

For example, I helped my mom with a wedding that she coordinated over the weekend. We ran around like chickens all day long and when it came time to help with the ceremony, I went home and changed into a fun and flirty summer dress…forgetting it was very windy that day. The minute I was walking up to the church, my dress went sky-high! I grabbed at it as fast as I could but the damage had already been done! Thankfully we had time between the ceremony and the reception so I sped home and changed into my H&M romper and paired it with some comfortable sandals and bold jewels. It was a lifesaver! Not only for me but for all of those poor souls that witnessed my mooning outside of the Catholic church!

Might be TMI but that’s the best thing about ‘The Ali Way’! You’ll get nothing but the raw truth!

For everyone that really wants to buy a romper or jumpsuit, (I know it’s all of your…right, right?!) Polyvore is the perfect place to get a bunch of options to hone in on what you really like and want to add to your wardrobe! You can search for anything and it will give you all sorts of options from many different sites! It’s the best, really.

Have a chic week, loves!



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