Dia De Los Muertos!!

One of my most favorite holidays is today and I couldn’t be more excited! I have been busy decorating and getting all of my costumes together. Truly original costumes involves putting a lot of who you are into the costume. You can be exactly the character or you can add personal touches that are out of the box but people still know who or what you are! Here are some tips to do just that.

~The first thing you need to do is to figure out what you want to be! If it’s themed, try to think of something that not many will dress up as. For instance, last week in Reno was Fantasies In Chocolate at GSR. The theme was villains. Of course there were lots of Maleficent and Joker costumes (very popular) but there was one Bonnie and Clyde and only a few Cruella de Ville (whom I was!). To me, those are popular enough that everyone understands who you are when also putting some thought into originality.

~Next is to pick out a couple things that make that character unique. For Cruella it is her extravagant black and white hair as well as fur jacket and red gloves.

~Then I added my own personal touches. I wore a black jumpsuit because it fit the part, and let’s be honest, I really just wanted to wear it because it’s an awesome piece of clothing! I also wore some spankin’ red heels that I borrowed from a friend. Cruella may not have worn these things but people knew exactly who I was.

My makeup was done at MAC in the Summit Mall by my best, Amaya. You can always make an appointment for whatever event you are going to and the payment is $50 of product which isn’t hard to spend there!


My hair was sprayed to an inch of its life with black and white temporary hair color after I had finished coloring it. Holy cow did it take forever to get out, but, it was so worth it!


And here is the finished costume as well as photos of the fabulous event!


IMG_4037 …all made out of chocolate!

IMG_4036…because Fantasies in Chocolate wouldn’t be complete without MORE CHOCOLATE!



Because I love this holiday so much, one costume is really never enough so here is what I thought would be awesome to wear while playing kickball. All thanks to my boss’ original idea, Corona and Corona Light was the winner!


We used inflatable Corona and Corona Light bottles for the prime part of the costume, suspenders to hold it up, the top of the bottle as the hat, made a lime out of construction paper…and BAM! Corona and Corona Light. Can’t forget those fancy mustaches as well!

Becoming someone else for the night is exciting. Super glamorous or spooky makeup is almost like a mask from who you usually are…and let’s be honest, real masks are freaky!

Change in our ever stressful lives is a good thing and dressing up could be just your ticket to pressing the imaginary reset button. Originality makes you exactly who you are inside and out. It is such a good feeling to know that no one else will every be exactly like you. That is something to cherish!

Have a Chic Halloween, My Loves!

IMG_4109..Can’t forget some punkins!


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