The Ever Changing World of Men’s Tennis Shoes!

I was asked by my brother to go shopping with him for some new shoes. Regardless of the fact that I was going to be looking at a bunch of shoes for boys, I don’t know a single girl that will say no to shoe shopping! So off we went to every single sneaker shop in Meadow Wood mall in search of a winning pair. I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I truly had no idea that there were THAT MANY options.

Oh there were…sooooo many shoes. Different colors, different shapes. Some good looking, some awful! As I perused I noticed the looks of angst on every single male’s face contemplating their purchase. It was so interesting to me that these are the same men that sigh and roll their eyes every time we ask them to come with us to make a purchase or waltz in the door with another pair of shoes! Come on guys, we all know that deep down you love shopping…but only for yourself! Although that it nowhere near a bad thing, it’s about time you guys admit it!


As I talked to one of the guys working at the store he said that the shoes style transitions almost too often to keep up. The world of men’s shoes is a fast pace and ‘what’s in fashion’ type as the latest heel fashion. It’s safe to say that all of it is complicated and as the guy said, hard to keep up on. However, it is definitely something to be celebrated because without this constant change, there is stagnancy and ain’t nobody got time for that! Change in this ever evolving world is chic, my lovely friends! Now go help your guys pick out the right shoes 😉



Have a chic week!!

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