Retail Therapy. Need I say more?

We’ve all gotten that feeling. Not knowing what to do with our time because we are sad or unhappy about something and sinking into a hole is really not an option. So what do we as strong, independent, women do? We shop. Now, for me, my taste does not equal out with my income which is pretty awful. There is hope for us post-college kids that are just starting out and don’t want to look like a complete hoodlum and that is outlet stores.

My wonderful parents were in town for the weekend and my mom and I had some time to kill so we ventured out to the Legends Outlet Mall in Sparks. Little did we know, Coach had just opened up an outlet store and will only be open for a short amount of time. So clearly, we had to go! It was like heaven. Many purses were 20%-40% off plus there was a woman at the door handing out 50% off flyers. 

My first thought was, ‘This is a lie. It cannot be real!’ Oh but it was, dear sisters, it was. 

Word of the wise to all of you out there that love purses as much as I do…Go check it out!

A couple things to think about when you are at an outlet store:

1) If you do not have a problem with spending far less than at a regular store, you are at the right place! 😉

2) Shopping on a weekday at outlet stores is probably your best bet to get the best deals as well as the least amount of people.

3) Sign up for the mailing list if they have one. That way you will get the marked down items at an even lower cost! 

4) Shop off-season. This is pretty self-explanatory. Winter things will be at a lower cost during the summer and vice versa. If you like the coat now, you will probably be even more excited when winter comes around and you remember that you bought that fabulous coat six months prior! 

5) Sometimes products are going to be made specifically for the brand’s outlet store. So be diligent in making sure that it isn’t a cheaper version of something and you aren’t wasting your money.



This is my beauties that I acquired at the Coach Outlet Store at the Legends Outlet Mall in Sparks. All four of these wonderful items cost $250…TOTAL! I have done my fair share of buying designer purses and that is a kickin’ deal! 





This guy, as well as many others, watched with the glassy-eyed look as women ran all around them!! 




Gotta take a token #selfie while shopping! 



A very special shoutout to all of the beautiful, hard-working, talented mothers out there like my mom. You are all such a blessing to this earth. Half that time I don’t even know how my mom does it! I love you, mama! 

So if you are ever feeling down and in dire need of some retail therapy, remember that it’s just as easy to shop at outlet stores and get things at amazing prices! 

Have a chic week!

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