The Great and Wondrous World of Vitamins!

Hello love bugs! So sorry about not posting last week. The week got away from me and before I knew it, it was Sunday night. In return, I will be posting twice this week just to make up for it! So on to the topic at hand, VITAMINS!

Whenever I take my vitamins, I get many a joke asking if they are all of my illegal drugs or they ask me how old I am. Strangely enough, young bodies need the right vitamins as much as your Grandma’s body needs them, the variety from each age group or gender can and should change. So, here is what I take on a daily basis.

A Women’s Multivitamin. (twice a day)  I buy the Rainbow Light Organic ones because through my own research into multivitamins, these have succeeded in being the most beneficial for what I was looking for. The best thing about multivitamins is that it hones in on just about everything that the average body needs or doesn’t get enough of just from their regular food intake.

Evening Primrose Oil. (twice a day) This stuff has seriously been a life saver for me. It not only give me energy but it also helps with all of those ‘lady problems’. While balancing out those tricky little hormones it also helps build strong hair and nails as well as smooth skin. I use Barlean’s, but just like the multivitamin, there a many different brands out there to choose from.

Olive Leaf. (twice a day) This one is a new one for me but so far I absolutely love it! I had been getting sick a lot this winter and a friend on FB suggested I try this vitamin. It fights against free radical damage and supports overall immune function. *Knock on Wood* but it really seems to be helping! This one is by Gaia Herbs. 

Protandim. (only in the morning) This is also a new and amazing one that my best, Jen Etcheberry, recommended to me. This little baby fights against oxidative stress in our body because as we all know, any disease is caused by inflammation somewhere in the body. I have tons of information as well as a video for anyone that would like it sent to them. It is sold by consultants (Jen is one!) so if you are interested, shoot me a message! Here is the website, Protandim.

Calcium Citrate with Magnesium. (only at night) Everyone wants strong and healthy bones. So why not help that body structure of yours out with a little more calcium every night before you go to bed. Citrical makes easy to swallow tablets that don’t make you sick from not taking them with food!

Mega Red. (only in the morning) Yay omega-3 krill oil! Not only do I not have to take those nasty fish oil pills but krill oil has been proven to be more effective than fish oil for a strong heart and overall wellness of your temple of a body. Schiff makes this wonderful product and can be purchased, for pretty cheap, in Costco!


All of us only get one body, so why not put good things into it to get good out of it!! I love the energy and strength I get from all of these and am happy to be helping the future me from any significant issues. Best part of all, anyone that is worried that they could be taking too much of a vitamin…our body knows when it has had enough of a vitamin. At that point it gets rid of it on its own. Minerals, however, are a completely different story…but I’ll save that for another wonderful day!


Have a chic week beautiful people!

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