Sunshines Brings….Static Cling??

With spring time in full bloom, all I want to wear are skirts and dresses without the nonsense(tights..bleh). Wearing a simple dress and accessorizing it is much easier than creating a layered outfit when you are about to be late for work. But, there is one thing that you must never forget. That is the undergarments that will keep that cute skirt from showing the outline of your booty.

Even worse would be that same skirt clinging to your legs because it really has no where else to go but up. Slips are one of God’s great gifts to this earth and we need to use them! It’s just better for me, you, and everyone else if a dress is not crawling up to places that it really doesn’t need to be.

There are two basic types that you can buy; a full body slip or a half slip. It all just depends on what you are wearing and your comfort level. They can take a little time to get used to but they are most definitely worth your time and effort!

What I like most about slips is how darn pretty they are. You may be the only one that sees it, but it’s the same as pretty panties! When we feel good all the way through, it will radiate throughout our demeanor!

The best news of all! They are super easy to find and can come at a relatively low cost! Department stores (Nordstrom, Macys, Dillards) would be your best bet if you are just trying to get a feel for them but many stores like Marshalls and Tj Maxx have an abundance of slips at lower costs. However, if you are in a hurry to find one, those stores could be a gamble to go to because they might not have your size or color that you need.

My favorite slip is a black half slip that I wear with so many of my skirts and dresses. It’s a loose fit (there are tighter ‘spandex’ types as well if that’s up your alley) and it fits me like a dream.

I have a little secret that I will share with all of you as well. A lot of the time the slip is a little too long or it tends to fall below my skirt hemm. I tuck the slip into the bottom of my bra and bam! no more problem! It’s much more comfortable to me too.

Here are a couple of links to the stores that you can find these online, but, it’s all about going into a store and finding what you like and what is comfortable for you!





Have a chic (and cling-less) week, beauties!


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