Welcoming Spring with Open Arms!


Colors, colors, colors! I am so very excited for this spring because not only is it getting warmer and the sun is sticking around for a lot longer later in the day, but some of the trends that are pulsing through the fashion airwaves are fantastic for just about anyone!

Let’s start off with some hot colors. Not only are there calm pastel options but also fun and vibrant ones too! A favorite of mine is the color orchid. It’s brighter on the red side of purple.

Yet on the opposite end of the purple spectrum, is a pastel-y violet. Both are such yummy colors on just about everyone. Whether it’s a color of eyeshadow (purple will make blue eyes pop!) or a sassy pair of violet crop jeans, violet and orchid are the way to go with season.


Another trend for spring is floral print! I have always loved a good floral print to add to any outfit. Shoes are getting pretty crazy now-a-days so of course everyone had to put floral print on shoes. Polyvore is an amazing site because it will show you all sorts of options and where you can find those shoes or that purse you are looking for along with a link. This LINK leads you to floral print shoe options so you can find exactly what you might be looking for whether it may be a little tennis shoe or pump.

Have such a wonderful chic week full of purple and florals!

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