Leggings are not pants…!

Hello lovelies! 

I am going to premise this post with the fact that I love leggings. They are the best go-to comfortable outfit piece that I resort to when I don’t necessarily want to wear pants (a lot of the time…comeon, pants are uncomfortable and you know it). That being said, there is a time, place, and way to wear them! 

Many times I have seen a person out and about with a cute legging outfit on and I look to check it all out. Then I realize that they either have a shirt that is too short (doesn’t cover their butt) or their leggings are quite thin…THAT IS A NO NO! No one wants to be laughed at because their booty can be seen thru their leggings, at least I certainly don’t. The legging epidemic is not going away so knowing what to wear with leggings is becoming a key factor. Here are a couple tips;

  • Tunics are being made by the masses for this exact reason. They are cute and comfortable, and they cover your booty! Modcloth has some adorable tunics that would go with many different colored leggings! 
  • Another option is putting a longer tank under a shirt (one long enough to cover the booty…obviously). These can be super basic and cheap, cheap, cheap. H&M has a department specifically for basics and have many basic colors options!
  • A current fad is boyfriend sweaters and they are made extra long…because that’s apparently what all the boyfriends wear (none that I know of, but we will go with it!). Some of the best, affordable sweaters that I have gotten came from JcPenny
  • My favorite leggings for the winter/fall time are the ones that have a fleece lining. They are so warm and soft. If you’re lucky, you can find some at Tj Maxx or Marshall’s but I have also gotten a couple pairs (I’m telling you, it’s an obsession at this point) on Polyvore.
  • One last favorite with leggings is  a fun kimono (true gypsy at heart). Urban Outfitters has some rockin’ kimonos that will bring color to this very grey season until spring time sunshine gets into our lives! 

Now bring on that fashion and comfort all at the same time! Just be sure to cover your booty! You don’t wanna be ‘that guy’!! 

Have a chic week, my loves!


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  1. i can get on board with this ! i love leggings – but you definitely cannot wear them with a short tee ! no one wants to see anyones sheer bum !


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