Moleskin is Genius!

Well hello!


This pretty lady bought me the most amazing thing last weekend!

It is by Moleskin journal and it is a part of their ‘Passions’ line. It is called a Style Journal! It has different sections for everything you may want to remember about your wardrobe or what you would like to add to it!

There is a wardrobe organizer section, outfit section, trend section, event section, wishes and gift section, and useful addresses. I plan to fill it with all sorts of goodies and ideas for my wardrobe! So excited! They also have a number of different passion journals you can buy from wine journals to traveling journals! So nifty!

The Avenue, in Elko, is carrying many of them as well as the original journals in lots of fun colors and sizes. A more common place that they sell them is Barnes and Noble or even online on Amazon (let’s be honest, they sell all things, good! All Hail Amazon Prime!)

What I love most about this is that I can describe or print a picture of an outfit that I wore that I really liked and put it in this journal. That way I can look through it on a day that I have absolutely no inspiration, or motivation for that matter, to pick out an outfit!

Check it out!

Front~ Moleskin Style Journal at Amazon & Barnes and NobleImage

Outfits Section~Image

Wardrobe Organizer~Image

Trends Section~

Events Section~Image

Wishes and Gifts~Image

Useful Addresses~Image

Here is a link to all of the ‘Passions’ Journals by Moleskin! (HERE)

I’m going to start using this bad boy! Have a beautifully chic week!

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