The Joys of Packing

‘But what shall I wear?!’ A popular quote from the ever-loving Grinch that is very fitting to a morning in my apartment. However, when it comes to packing for a long excursion or even a weekend trip, my mind goes on overload of what I should pack and wear.
Where am I going? What will we be doing when I get there? Will it be really cold/hot? How much jewelry should I venture into weighing down my carry-on? All of these questions reel through my mind as I stare at my empty brown suitcase wishing there was a packing Fairy God Mother that would do it for me. And it doesn’t matter if I start packing early or wait until the last minute, it always comes out the same. A 45 pound bag filled to the brim as I’m walking out the door thinking I most likely forgot something!

So how do we as fashionable women train ourselves to pack efficiently?

Most recently I have come up with a way that works wonders on my packing tendencies. I am going to see a good friend in San Jose for the weekend and like any girl, want to bring along some stylish outfits that are also comfortable.

Step one: Look up the weather where you are going.
Step two: Pick out some core items for each outfit for each day (plus a few extra just in case your mood changes while away).
Step three: Keep them hanging and go through each outfit in your mind and get out everything you might need to finish each look.
Step four: Once each look is hanging from its own hanger, pick out your accessories. The necklaces should hang from each look to make sure it compliments what you are going for with the outfit.
Step five: Put each group of accessories in an individual little organza jewelry bags. (They come in many different colors and can be purchased at any craft store, i.e. Joanns or Michaels)


Step six: Hang all of the outfits in your hanging bag for your suitcase, along with all of your shoes and extras, and you’re off!


Top Left Photo: Green Shirt (Banana Republic), Colorful Kimono (Enemy Chic), Tan Bobble Necklace (Francesca’s), Gold Tassel Necklace (TJ Maxx)

Top Right Photo: Green Sweater (JcPenny), Floral Shirt (TJ Maxx), Pearl and Silver Necklace (unknown), Grey Mini Skirt, not shown (Forever 21), Dark Blue Leggings, not shown (Francesca’s)

Bottom Left Photo: Tan Sweater (Glitzy Cowgirl; Elko), White Tunic (TJ Maxx; Brand, TOSKA), Floral Leggings (vintage, Junkee’s; Reno), Lime Green Bobble Necklace (Francesca’s)

Bottom Right Photo: Dark Green Blouse (Francesca’s), Necklaces (Vintage)

❤ ❤ ❤

Just make sure that you don’t get too accessory crazy and have an overweight bag…nobody likes paying extra for that extra necklace…and let’s be honest, we are more than likely to shop wherever we go! Gotta have some extra room for that!

Hope everyone has such a chic week! I will be spending time with my best friend in San Jose that is also a bride so let the wedding planning begin!

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