Makeup and Music.

Hello Lovelies!

Well it has been quite the week for me and the wonderful people around me! I got to experience my cousin’s new song, ‘Cold Water’, on youtube (it’s truly amazing…attachment to follow) as well as be a model for one of my wonderful friends so she could get a higher certification at MAC (she passed, YAY!). I am so very proud of the both of you and feel so blessed to have such artistically driven people in my life. Muah! Love you both!

So the certification didn’t have any scenario but each MAC Pro was told to talk a ‘customer’ through a natural, daytime look by describing each step as they go along. I thought it was especially great because it was very hands-on for me (customer). She would do a step and describe it to me and I would have to mimic it on the other side of my face. So, she went through the entire application and I would ask questions about each product or way to apply it (which brush to use, what the correct stroke pattern was, etc.). At the end she was judged and although I was not there when she was critiqued, I knew she passed. I truly learned something (hence, the point, right!) and had a great time in the process! A tutorial like this is available at any MAC location by appointment ( Amaya at the Summit location in Reno!).

One of my favorite steps was at the end when she showed me how to put fake eyelashes on. Now, anyone that has seen my eyelashes will immediately understand why this act is foreign to me. But, in the end I was able to stick ’em on and make my eyelashes so long that they looked like spider legs!

I think it is so important that women know how to properly apply their makeup even for their everyday look. It boggles my mind that not using a product or brush correctly could seriously change what you are going for (sometimes in a bad way…orange, ‘dorito’ face, perhaps!).

As I said during the certification, makeup, to me, is an art. Just like a painter, a makeup artist is creating a masterpiece, only on a ‘moving canvas’. Ladies, if you are ever in need of a freelance makeup artist(wedding, birthday, special event…on a Tuesday?!) let me know and I will get you in contact with my MAC Pro best friend! You will not be disappointed! CONGRATULATIONS, AMAYA!


Now, onto musica! I know it doesn’t have much to do with style and fashion, but hey, it has everything to do with living that chic life, right! So many good things can be said about my very talented cousin, Jeffers. All through teaching himself, Jeffers is pursuing what he has always dreamed of, creating music.

In the past he has recorded with others but he is now branching out on his own adventure, and boy does he have a following! Growing up in a small town, we kids have got to stick together and support each other in everything we do! And that is exactly what is happening for Jeffers. His most recent song, Cold Water, is one of the tracks on his Van Allen album. Not sure when that will be hitting the airwaves, but you bet your sweet ass that his loving cousin (me!) will be cheering for him and promoting him all the way! So stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy the sweet sounds of ‘Cold Water’ by Jeffers Corn! xo.

Listen Listen Listen! <—click me.

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