The Art of Mixing Metals

Better to show up late than show up ugly…that’s what I always like to say! Anyway, sorry for the post being late! Hope you enjoy this tid-bit about mixing metals. Photos to come, I promise….

A common misconception of stacking jewelry is that you can’t wear different metals at the same time. False. Wearing the same metal is just fine but mixing them adds variety and pizzazz to your look from day to day. I love doing it because I can never decide which to wear, gold or silver, so I say, ‘wear all the things!’.

I love looking for special bangles at an antique shop or something modern and different at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls. No matter what the price of the item is, stacking them will add dimension and flash to any outfit you are rocking that day. This Michael Kors bangle along with this studded bangle and gem bracelet both from BaubleBar would look very glamorous and chic with any outfit. I like to stack my jewels in odd numbers…not sure why, but I do.

When I am wearing a shirt of pair of shoes that has a certain metal on it, I like to make that metal the most prominent in my jewelry. For instance, I have a pair of rockin’ black pumps with a strap across the front. The clasp is silver so when I wear them, I wear more silver jewelry. These black pumps from ModCloth are almost exactly like the ones I wear on multiple occasions. Because they have a strap, your feet aren’t moving around in the shoe as much which makes them easier to wear for long periods of time. And that’s my little tid bit for the week. Two posts coming next week (one with lots of photos and links!), so be watching out for that! If anyone has anything they would like me to write about, don’t hesitate to ask!

So in the meantime…’touch up your red lipstick and get back to the party!’.

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