Grey Undertones All Around Me!


The winter can be a real downer when it comes to getting up and getting dressed every morning. Not only is it cold but everything around you is some shade of grey (This excludes the lucky ducks that live in a city that is warm all year). In turn, your attire might feel just as bleak. Instead of slowly falling into that grey hole, I have found that adding small pops of color to any outfit will not only make you look a little bit more alive but it will lighten your mood when trudging through the snow or braving the cold.

  • An easy color add to an outfit is bangles. An emerald green bracelet along with a bunch of gold next to a black sweater. It is warm and not too over the top for all of my neutral wardrobe based beauties.
  • A brightly colored necklace would also be a great color pop if bracelets aren’t really your thing. One of my favorites to wear is a cobalt blue and gold necklace I got at Francesca’s, here in Reno. This necklace from Bauble Bar comes in a ton of yummy colors that could fit any mood. ***Side note: any jewel tone colors will go with other jewel tones so why not try some stacking?! The best thing about style is that no one should tell you what to do and not do! So go for it!
  • When it’s cold, and you’re outside a lot, like my job forces me to be, not many people see the outfit I have on inside the large jacket I have to shield the cold (although it really hasn’t been very cold in Reno lately). So I have made it a habit to wear a bright colored jacket or scarf to add a little color to my very white face. One of my favorites is a magenta peacoat from Banana Republic (old). This swing coat comes in two colors that would bring sunshine to any day! This turquoise infinity scarf from World Market (one of my favorite places to get low-price, high-quality scarves) is a bright and soft number that can be worn with any outfit.
  • Like I said in first post, lipstick, lipstick, lipstick. A couple of my go-to lipsticks are Viva Glam by MAC and Twig by MAC. Viva Glam I is a luscious, classic red that looks good on almost all skin tones. Twig is a natural tone that could be worn day or night. Yet, no matter what color you choose as your lippy, the MAC girls will always take care of you to match your skin tone (especially those beautiful ladies at The Summit location in Reno!).
  • If you might work somewhere that is a bit more traditional with the attire that you are allowed to wear in the office, a pair of colored tights along with that black pencil skirt and blazer would make heads turn. Whether they have a pattern or they’re solid, they are a great addition to any outfit to make a statement. These patterned tights by ASOS are different and not crazy in the color department. Burgundy tights, also by ASOS, are a warm color to bring to your attire on any winter day.

That little bit of color added to your outfit on a gloomy January day will boost your mood or even someone you see! Until next time, lovelies!

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