The Idea.

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I received a text from a friend that was asking if I had ever seen Courtney Loves Dallas, the TV show. I was told that I acted a lot like her and her style reminded my friend a lot of my own. I made sure to watch the next time it came on, and needless to say I was very surprised and flattered! She was a stylish girl with a wonderful personality and a sharp sense of humor. I took it as such a huge compliment that I was in any way like Courtney. I checked out her blog and was floored by the following she had. People loved to see what she was wearing and how she put together outfits.

That got me thinking. Having a blog of my own has always been an idea in the back of my mind (being a PR major) but I could never narrow down what I was passionate enough about to write about…and that people would actually like to read about (or at least I hope!). I am very true to my own style (every girl should) so I guess you could say that it’s a passion of mine and it certainly has been for quite some time.

When I was little, dressing up was always been something that I loved doing. I would prance around the house in long gowns that my mom had gotten me at a garage sale or thrift store. There would be bracelets all the way up my arms and either a headband, hat, or crown on. Every time the ensemble would be different and unique to how I was feeling. I would then insist that my mom put lipstick on me because both of my grandmothers swore by it and would never leave the house (or only be around the house for that matter) without it.

The same goes for what I wear today. Although I work everyday, I try to make my outfits as much of an expression of my personality as possible. I mean, who else is going to be Ali as much as me?! So to start this blog off with a sparkly bang, here are a couple of things that I tell myself whenever I am almost ready for the day…

  • There is no such thing as too much or too little jewelry. It depends on what you are trying to convey on that particular day. I am told more times than not that I look like a gypsy, but the way I look at it is, ‘It made you take notice, didn’t it?’.
  • Lipstick will complete any outfit no matter what the color or occasion. Add a smile, and any girl could rule the world!
  • A signature scent can make you feel that much more ready for the day. Whether it has a memory connected to it, or you just love how yummy it smells, others will remember it too because sense of smell is one of the biggest memory triggers for the mind.
  • And finally, that killer pair of shoes that will help you feel confident as ever. Heels, flats, sandals. Whatever makes you look down and say ‘damn, I look good!’.

We never know what each day will bring or who might walk into our lives, so why not look and feel amazing doing it! More to come, my lovely friends!

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